Sharing My Love for Plant-Based Living.

Where It All Began…

I was thirteen years old when I first learned about the vegan diet. At the time, it appealed to me for its ethical principles and its apparent health benefits. As someone who cared deeply about animal welfare and looking after my overall well-being, I quickly became enthralled with the movement and hopped on the band wagon as fast as I could.

As time went on, however, I started to notice something that wasn’t as prioritized in the vegan community: accessibility. By the time I got to college, word had begun to spread amongst my friends and family that I enjoyed this particular lifestyle. Many people–close friends and acquaintances, alike–started to reach out to ask me exactly how I fit this lifestyle into my day-to-day life (especially as a college student!). They were so intrigued by the movement, but because of the lack of accessible information, they didn’t know where to start.

Making YouTube Videos

I soon figured out that the easiest way to share this information with everyone who was curious was to film what I ate and upload it to the small YouTube channel I was uploading content to at the time. This was my way of making my lifestyle accessible to my community.

Little did I know–the growing interest for adopting a vegan lifestyle spanned far beyond my own circle of friends and family. Because of this, the video I had made–and my channel, in general–began to really take off. Within six months, the initial video (linked below) had accrued over 1 million views and the impact it made on its viewers was greater than I ever could have imagined.

Since I had so genuinely enjoyed the process of getting creative in the kitchen, filming my culinary creations, and sharing it with the world, I decided to make it a more regular occurrence! More recently, my diet has shifted to a more loosely plant-based diet (rather than strictly vegan), and I have documented that journey on my channel, as well.

You can view my first ever viral video–as well as some other plant-based content highlights–in the playlist below.


Sharing Recipes Through Via Instagram

Once my YouTube channel started receiving such a widespread positive response, the demand for cross-platform content increased along with it! This is what inspired me to start sharing some of my detailed recipes on my personal Instagram page. The recipes I posted did particularly well because of their ‘shareability’ and the degree to which people would ‘save’ the posts to refer back to later on.

Click on any of the images below to explore some of my recipes!

Bringing TikTok Into the Mix

A bit later into my time posting plant-based content on social media, TikTok came onto the scene as an extremely viable tool for cross-platform engagement and growth. Linked below is an example of when I successfully used a growing TikTok trend to direct new viewership to both my YouTube channel and my Instagram page.

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