Cheyenne Hayden is a health & wellness lifestyle content creator, mental health advocate, and recent graduate of Swarthmore College–where she studied Cognitive Science and Music. Through her calming videos and thoughtful online presence, she hopes to help others create a balanced and intentional relationship with their minds and bodies, alike.

Cheyenne is currently based in the New York City Metro Area and is regularly contributing to her online platforms in a recreational capacity while searching for a full-time position in the intersecting fields of technology and psychology.

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Recent Work:

Vlogging for Swarthmore College.

A detailed recount of my experience as a multimedia specialist for the Department of Communications at the liberal arts institution, Swarthmore College.

Sharing My Love for Plant-Based Living.

In this post, I briefly take you through my plant-based journey–all the way from becoming vegan to finding a way of sharing my new lifestyle with all kinds of viewers across the globe.

Opening Up About My Mental Health Journey.

“I wanted to remind people that–amongst all the noise–it’s still possible to pause and take a deep breath.”

Speaking Out on Prevalent Body-Image Issues.

“An unfortunately large component of being a young woman in today’s society is facing the high degree to which we are pressured to look a certain way. Being that this topic was one that I had struggled with growing up yet ultimately overcame, I felt it could be helpful to share some of my thoughts surrounding it…”