Vlogging for Swarthmore College: My Experience as a Multimedia Specialist

A Little Background…

The client of this project was the Communications Department at Swarthmore College. They commissioned me to create a series of “Day In The Life” vlogs that were not only authentic to my experience as a student at the college, but that would give prospective students an accurate depiction of what it looked like to be a part of their community.

At the time of my hiring, the college was experiencing very low social media engagement, and they were hopeful that I could assist in bringing more viewers to their YouTube page.

My Creative Process:

My biggest motivation with creating content has always been to be as authentic as possible. Therefore, with this project, I decided I would hold nothing back. I shared not only the highlights of my day, but was also honest about some of the common stressors students like me experience at such a highly rigorous academic institution.

Thus, I believe that a combination of keeping authenticity at the forefront of my mind–along with the utilization of engaging post-production editing techniques–is what made this content stand out to their audience.

Final Outcome/Results:

Total Accumulated Views: 48,258

This was a large improvement from the college’s average channel views at the time, which was 1,000 views per video.

View Each Video In The Playlist Below:


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