Speaking Out on Prevalent Body-Image Issues.

Pictured Above: A collaboration I did with Novel Swim, which had an emphasis on body acceptance.

An unfortunately large component of being a young woman in today’s society is facing the high degree to which we are pressured to look a certain way. Being that this topic was one that I had struggled with growing up yet ultimately overcame, I felt it could be helpful to share some of my thoughts surrounding it YouTube channel. Given that my demographics include a 95% female viewership–80% of which are between the ages of 18-24–, this content performed relatively well.

However, what I felt was the most impactful element of this new content sphere was the fact that it inspired meaningful conversation among my viewership base. One of the biggest reasons why I am grateful to have a platform is due to its potential for a deep, positive impact on anyone who comes across my videos. It’s even more exciting to me that my content had the potential to create meaningful discourse around topics like how we speak to ourselves, how we can resist comparing ourselves to others, and how we can learn to appreciate our bodies for their function over anything else.

Feel free to watch some videos I’ve made on this topic below.


Bringing These Thoughts to my Instagram Page

While uploading edited videos on the topic of body-image and body confidence was extremely rewarding, I eventually ended up craving a more casual place to share some less filtered/more intimate thoughts that would come to mind on a daily basis. So, I turned again to my Instagram page. In some ways, these posts became a place to share my personal journal entries. Sharing images with lengthy (yet meaningful!) captions soon became a great way to let my followers in even further and allowed them to connect with me in a way I had never previously thought possible.

Click on any of the images below to read the full-length captions associated with them!

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